How To Shut Off News On Iphone?

On your iPad or iPhone, disable news. To open a channel or topic, tap it. Select “More Options” by tapping it. Select Block Topic or Block Channel.

Similarly, Can I remove News from my iPhone?

In the list of apps, look for “News.” As you scroll down, it’s often in the second group. Turn off “News.” The app will be turned off and hidden from your Home screen as a result.

Also, it is asked, How do I get rid of News App?

It’s easy to remove applications from vanilla Android: Step 1: From your home screen or app drawer, choose the Settings app. Step 2: Select App Info from the Apps and Notifications menu. Step 3: Scroll through the list until you locate and touch the app you wish to uninstall. Choose Uninstall in Step 4.

Secondly, How do I turn off Apple News on my iPhone 13?

0:070:47 Go to Settings, then touch News, followed by Notifications. Click allowedMore at the top of this page. Go to Settings, then touch News, followed by Notifications. Toggle the option for approved notifications on or off here at the top by tapping on it.

Also, How do I get rid of News on home screen?

0:021:04 Pick your home’s settings. after entering the options for your house. GoMore to find “swipe to access Google appPick your home’s settings. after entering the options for your house. Once you’ve found swipe to access Google App and turned it off, you may dismiss the settings window.

People also ask, How do I block News sites?

Answer 1 the website where you registered first must be unsubscribed from. Log in to Gmail. Please visit choose Block unauthorized sites. Try it out.

Related Questions and Answers

Can I delete the Apple News app?

A: By holding down on the News app and choosingDelete App,” you may remove it from your device. Swipe to the left on your home screen to expose the widgets you have if you want to retain the app but cease highlighting on widgets and alerts.

How do I get rid of Apple News on my iPhone 7?

Launch Settings. Deciding on Notifications. Choose News. Deactivate Allow Notifications.

How do I stop Apple News pop ups?

Choosing which notifications to receive: Android Go to Settings and choose Notifications if your tablet or phone is an Android device. Choose the applications you don’t want to get notifications from, then click “Block all” to enable the option.

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How do I get rid of News on lock screen?

SelectSettings” by tapping it. Then choose “Apps & notifications.” SelectNotifications.” Next, find “Notifications on lockscreen” and press it. You may choose “Don’t display notifications,” “Show alerting and quiet notifications,” or “Show alerting notifications alone.”

How do I turn off News notifications?

How to turn off Google News alerts Launch Google News. In the upper right corner, tap your profile symbol. Select Notifications under Settings. If you’d like to get fewer alerts, set the intensity to Low. Turn the “Get notifications” setting off to entirely stop receiving alerts from all categories.

How do I get rid of Google News on my iPhone?

your notification settings Click News settings. Click on Notifications. Select “Get alerts” to enable them. Turning off Get notifications will disable all notifications.

How do I hide Google News?

How can I stop Chrome Android from automatically downloading “Articles for You”? Launch the Google Chrome app first on your Android devices. Click on “Articles for you” in Google Discovery. On the top of the articles, choose the “Hide command” option. All done! In Chrome for Android phones, this will automatically hide the “articles for you” section.

How do I restrict websites on my iPhone?

How to ban certain websites on iPhone and iPad Safari From the home screen, open Settings. Decide on Screen Time. Then choose Content & Privacy Restrictions. Change the privacy and content restrictions. Choosing Content Restrictions. Click on Web Content. Select No Adult Websites. Tap Under NEVER ALLOW, include a website.

How do I change my news feed on my iPhone?

Adapt your news to you When you first open News, touch Following, then tap. Pick the channels and subjects you wish to follow For each channel you wish to subscribe to, press Discover Channels at the bottom of the screen.

How do I block specific websites on my iPhone?

Can the iPhone ban websites? Tap Settings on the iPhone’s Home screen. Select Screen Time. Restrictions on Content & Privacy might be chosen. When prompted, enter the passcode. Turn on the option for Content & Privacy Restrictions. Click on Content Restrictions. web content you want. Toggle Adult Websites Limit.

How do I get rid of top News feed?

To access notifications, scroll down and hitSite settings.” Find all suspicious URLs in the newly created window and touch on each one individually. Choose “Block” or “Remove” when the pop-up menu appears (if you tap “Remove” and visit the malicious site once more, it will ask to enable notifications again).

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How do I hide notification content on lock screen?

Adjust the notification display settings on your lock screen. Open the Settings app on your phone. Click Notifications & Apps. Notifications. Tap Notifications on lock screen or On lock screen under “Lock screen.” Choose Keep alerts hidden.

How do I get rid of News feed on lock screen Samsung?

Step 1: Access your phone’s settings. Tap on Lock screen, then choose Lock Screen Stories in Step 2. Step 3: Turn off the toggle next to On.

How do I stop News feeds on my phone?

On an Android device: Choose Settings > New Tab Page from the menu. Change your news source, select your location and language, or turn off the “Show My News Feed” option.

How do I remove Google News from my phone?

Here’s how to activate or deactivate the function. Tap “Apps” on the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, click the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings.” Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: Updates might appear in the notification area or not depending on the “Notifications” configuration.

How do I put Parental Controls on Safari iPhone?

How to Use the iPhone’s Safari Parental Controls Select Settings. Select Screen Time. Then choose Content & Privacy Restrictions. Slider for Content & Privacy Restrictions should be set to “on” or “green.” Enter the Screen Time passcode for this device if asked. Click on Allowed Apps. Click on Content Restrictions. Click on Web Content.

Can you block websites on Safari?

Safari gives you greater control over your surfing by allowing you to blacklist and whitelist websites. You simply need to enter the URL into the “never permitted” section in Safari to ban a certain website.

Can you change Apple News feed?

In Apple News, you may adjust the choices for the stories that are shown by setting preferences. Select News > Preferences in the News app on your Mac. Not all nations or areas have access to Apple News or Apple News+.

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How do I block CNN on my phone?

each response If you tap or click the “Dislike” button next to an article, you’ll see less stories like it in the future. To avoid viewing articles from that news source or subject while reading a story, hit the Share button, then choose Block Channel, File > Block Channel, or File > Block Topic.

How do I permanently block a website?

The steps are as follows: Activate Google Chrome. To access Settings, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Manage Other People” from the list of options under “People.” Enter the name of the new user and then click “Add Person.” Add the websites you wish to block to the list.

What is top news feed?

A rogue website called will deceive you into subscribing to its browser alerts by displaying false error warnings.

Why are ads suddenly popping up on my phone?

Pop-up advertisements are unrelated to the phone itself. They result from third-party applications that you have downloaded to your phone. App developers may monetize their work by running ads. Additionally, the developer earns more money the more adverts that are seen.

How do I turn off Newsweek notifications?

Click Settings in the upper right corner. Click Site options under “Privacy and security.” Please select Notifications. Select whether to allow or ban alerts.

How do I hide content of notifications on iPhone?

How to make content invisible to all applications Access Settings. Click Notifications. Select Show Previews. Pick Never.

How do I hide message content in notification bar iPhone?

The steps listed below make it extremely easy to disable message previews on iOS: On the Home Screen of your iPhone, tap the Settings icon. Choose Notifications from the menu. Select the Messages app by descending the page. Disable the Show on Lock Screen option under Alerts.


The “turn off news notifications” is a great way to stay up-to-date on your favorite topics without being bombarded with alerts. It’s also useful for those who just want to relax and not be bothered by the latest headlines.

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