Which News Sites Allow Comments?

Similarly, What happened to the comment section?

Comment sections are now closed. NPR’s comment section was shut down in 2016. “Commentators were acting badly and harassing other commenters,” according to one of the claimed reasons. In 2017, IMDb’s comment area (discussion forums, not user reviews) was shut down.

Also, it is asked, Why can’t I comment on Yahoo articles?

However, a notice on Yahoo News’ website explains why the website’s comment area was disabled. “Our objective is to provide a secure and engaging environment for people to interact over shared interests and hobbies,” it says. We are temporarily disabling article comments in order to enhance our community experience.”

Secondly, Does the New York Times allow comments?

The New York Times Community team moderates the comments area, which enables people to read, submit, suggest, and flag comments on specific stories. Comment threads on stories are usually available for 24 hours. Commenting is disabled after 24 hours, and our moderators are reassigned to fresh items.

Also, Why did the sun remove comments?

Sun is reconsidering the use of comment boards, which have grown more cluttered with “anonymous, nasty, even malevolent personal assaults, although by a minority,” according to James Wallace, the chain’s vice president of editorial, in a message to readers on Thursday.

People also ask, Can you comment on Guardian articles?

We’re taking another step ahead with our mobile site today by allowing users to leave comments on stories.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you comment on a Google site?

Open a site in traditional Google Sites on a PC. Navigate to the page where you’d like to leave a remark. Configure the page. Allow comments by clicking the Allow button.

Do blogs have comments?

Yes, the comments area on certain blogs may result in a little increase in search traffic. However, you’ll need a large number of high-quality, keyword-rich comments. Because blog comments have such a little impact on traffic, they also have a small impact on income.

What is wpDiscuz?

wpDiscuz 7 is a ground-breaking approach to the world of comments! This plugin improves your website’s conversation capabilities and adds additional user interaction elements. It’s been completely revamped with fresh new inventive features that bring your website to life.

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Where can I comment on Yahoo News?

After you’ve installed the extension, you can navigate to any Yahoo! page and start commenting on any material you choose. To open the comment box and start reading other people’s input, click the comment button on the left side of your browser window. To leave your own comments, create a free account.

Does anyone read Yahoo News?

Yahoo News has a 1.61 star rating based on 491 reviews, showing that the majority of buyers are disappointed with their purchases. Yahoo News is ranked 194th in the category of News Other sites.

What company owns Yahoo?

Apollo Global Management is a management firm based in New York Yahoo! / Organization for Parents Apollo Worldwide Management, Inc. is a global alternative investment management organization based in the United States. Credit, private equity, and real estate are among the assets it invests in. Wikipedia

How do you comment on an article?

The top 10 suggestions for making a fantastic remark Read the article for more information. Comment on the article. Look through the other comments. Make it obvious to whom you are responding. Use the return key to exit the program. Sarcasm should be avoided. Avoid using acronyms that aren’t necessary. Make use of facts.

How do I send a comment to The New York Times?

Make a correction or provide feedback. To report a mistake in our coverage, send an email to [email protected] or call 844-NYTNEWS (844-698-6397). Visit the Reader Center to provide comments or article ideas.

How do I see comments on the NY Times app?

In the NYTimes app, you may see comments on select stories. A comment symbol will appear in the top right corner of the screen for articles having comments. To see all comments, NYT Picks, or Reader Picks, tap the comment icon.

When did Yahoo stop comments?

Yahoo”user !’s made” chatrooms were shut down in June 2005 as a consequence of media criticism pertaining to Internet child predators and a lack of major ad earnings. Due to the trolling epidemic, Yahoo! News’ message board area was closed in December.

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Why is The Sun newspaper hated in Liverpool?

For decades, the Liverpool Evening News has been mainly ignored in the city because of a story that made inaccurate accusations about supporters during the 1989 Hillsborough catastrophe. The publication was “not wanted here,” according to Regional Mayor Steve Rotheram.

What happened to the comment section on YouTube?

The comments area has been completely deleted from the bottom of the page in a YouTube test. Instead, it has been moved to a new area that viewers can only access after clicking the new Comments button, which is positioned below the video, between the Thumbs Down and Share buttons.

Why are there no comments on Guardian website?

The media behemoth has taken an extraordinary move. The Guardian has announced that comments on stories regarding race, immigration, and Islam will no longer be allowed because certain debates on the site have become “toxic on an international level.”

What is below the line comment?

Comments submitted below the line of an online article or social media post are known as below-the-line comments.

How do you add a discussion to Google Sites?

Go to Google Groups to find out more. Click Create group at the upper left corner. Give a description of the group. Select the sort of group you’d want to form. In your group, you may control who can join, post, and see discussions. Click the Create group button on the upper left corner.

Why can’t I comment on Blogger posts?

Your blog’s comments are disabled. In your Blogger dashboard, go to Settings > Posts, comments, and sharing and look at the settings. Choose “Embedded” from the drop-down menu, as seen below: We’ve also highlighted some other settings that you may want to enable to prevent spam comments.

Can people comment on WordPress blogs?

You have the option of allowing only registered WordPress.com users to leave comments, or allowing everyone to leave a remark. You may select whether or not the name and email boxes are necessary if you enable anybody to comment.

Why you should disable comments?

If You’re Experiencing Anxiety Consider blocking your comments if you’re feeling sensitive or stressed and know a harsh remark will have an impact on your mental health. It’s not worth risking your reputation only to keep your comments turned on.

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How do I enable wpDiscuz?

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and log in. In the navigation menu, choose wpDiscuz, then Phrases. By default, you’ll be in the Comment area, but you may go through the tabs to find different terms. General, Form, Comment, Date/Time, Email, Notification, Follow, Social Login, User Settings, Errors, and Media are the tabs available.

How do I use comments in WordPress?

Go to the Posts/Pages section of the screen. Hover your mouse over the title of the post in the list of pages or posts to locate the one you want. A number of links will show underneath the headline. Check “Allow Comments” under “Quick Edit.” To enable comments for that post, click “Update.”

How do you delete Yahoo comments?

Remove a comment from a blog post. Join the Yahoo Feedback Forums by logging in. Select a forum by clicking on it. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. To delete a remark from a post, click the title of the post. On your remark, click Delete. to delete it.

How good is Yahoo News?

Ranking. According to Alexa, Yahoo! News was rated sixth among worldwide news sites in January 2019, ahead of Fox News and behind CNN.

Is Yahoo Mail blocked in China?

In China, are Yahoo and Yahoo Mail blocked? While the Yahoo website and Yahoo Mail are still available in China, the Yahoo search engine (search.yahoo.com) has been unavailable since September 2018.


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